The goal was to create a short film that captures a magical world and forest that exists right next to ours but hidden, that is enriched with enchanting creatures and beings. The main aim of character design achieved through compositing, character design, look development, photogrammetry & rigging. The perfect example of how when we fuse our magic powers together we can achieve that wow factor to any project. The creature had to be 10m tall, using a car-factory arm, we were able to get the required camera shots to create this benevolent giant to the quality it deserved.

The photogrammetry took our team to the base of the Carpathian Mountains to capture the research and photoscan of real location so that the featured creature could be produced from actual local scans and updated into high-quality CG.

Spirit of the Forest


Designing a character for a short film is a creative and inspiring process that can be sometimes quite challenging, but we love a challenge. Working on the character design, compositing the character into the scenes, and rigging the creature to move as if it were truly a 10m behemoth allowed us to bring this masterpiece to life.

Picture this. You are walking through a dense but magical forest in the Carpathian mountains; a place where few people enter but is somewhere that is enriched with creatures and enchanting things. The perfect depiction of how the real world and fantastical world beyond our reality come together for the better.

You ask how? Our on-set team set out on their travels to the Carpathian Mountains and captured large-scale photoscanning of the trees and forests. With these high-resolution scans, the character could be textured and built properly, and brought to life.

On-set supervision and guidance from the VFX company involved is paramount to a high-quality end result. Without proper supervision and a team to ensure the VFX elements are considered during shooting, it can be a laborious and sometimes impossible task for the VFX studios to do what needs to be done. With the right people on set, time and budgets can be saved while helping to push that final process and final product to even greater quality.

The Spirit of the Forest



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