The team at Magic Room is composed of experts and innovators who are always looking to test the limits of VFX. We are a team, not just individual artists and animators, those who take shots from good to great. And teams always need strong leaders.

Producer Extraordinaire

Leonid Karachko is one of our expert producers, leading teams in achieving the client’s vision. Whether we are joining the project from the start, or entering well into production, it’s up to Leonid to understand what’s needed, layout the tasks, and guide the team forward. Working in the industry since 2007, he has spent years pursuing avenues of learning and growth for him and his team. His time in the industry includes working with a plethora of studios and projects, including the dark, historical drama, Taboo. There, he worked as production manager, operating with a team of thirty artists.

Leonid organises his teams by first breaking down the tasks into types. This helps to split the teams quickly and efficiently, based on what they have to do and when it has to be done by. This is a fast-paced industry, priorities must be set immediately so that work can commence without hesitation.

As a producer, his work is of course based on organisation and management. But Leonid isn’t one to stand idle either, having been a VFX and motion design artist since his entry into the industry. This experience and frequent compositing work means the ability to work alongside the team he is managing. In this way, work can be sped up and completed in a timely manner. During his time working for a London-based studio, while working on Taboo, Leonid had to consistently work with tight deadlines. Dictated entirely by pre-set release dates and promotional campaigns, he had to guide his team through achieving the necessary results in the shortest time possible. Through clever use of compositing, reusing stock-footage or pre-rendered elements, and matte paintings, they were able to meet their deadlines each time.

The time at that studio had him estimating project costs and timeframes, identifying approaches to work, assigning and managing tasks, advising on art and technical aspects, quality control, and general feedback. In addition, many of the shots contained a lot of liquid and explosion effects, alongside a heavy dose of 3D modeling and animation. Leonid is grateful to this day to have worked with the professionals in that field.

For Leonid, he is fascinated with the power of VFX and images in movement. His passion is in management and the business of VFX and CG. In seeking to understand and learn more about the influence and potential of VFX, Leonid discovered a calling in teamwork, building professional relationships, and the implementation of VFX and CGI.

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