Animation is one of the key elements that really brings VFX to life. The way we walk, carry ourselves, the way a creature slinks through the forest or pushes buildings aside as if they were toys. All of these things are precise and delicate pieces of animation, ensuring that each movement is realistic and measured – carrying the appropriate weight and feedback into the world around it.

Animation Veteran

Reza Hadiani is one of our animators, a veteran of twelve years in the industry. His job is to understand the scene, its perspective, and ensure the movements and timing match the desired style. He’s worked with a variety of projects, from cartoons, game cinematics and in-game animations, and even feature films. His work begins with the initial brief of the scene, following the supervisor or animation director’s instructions closely. Following on from the storyboard or early animatics, his work is all about ensuring the details are met for the larger vision.

Reza employs a wide array of tools, like Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, and has recently started to use Unreal. He also ensures to keep studying the classic and well-known tools, animation books and art, tutorials, and podcasts.

For Reza, the beauty of animation is the combination of science and art. This helps drive his work, alongside a friendly work atmosphere that he says can’t be found elsewhere. And it’s this drive that helps him work through challenges like the intricate facial animations, where every muscle needs to be perfectly placed.

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