A VFX project is a complex and long process that needs proper guidance. A team filled with talent still requires a leading presence. At Magic Room, that’s where Taras Burlin comes in. The Lead FX Supervisor, he oversees key elements of every FX project. 

Problem Solver 

Working in the FX industry for the last twenty years, fifteen of them in feature films, and the last five in games, he plans the FX assets on the script stage. He finds and approves references for each element and supervises the FX team in the technical and artistic aspects of the FX asset production. He also ensures that the FX department, lookdev, and composition teams stay connected. If something goes wrong, he’s the one who finds solutions. 

For creating and combining the work of the Magic Room teams, he uses two tools. The pipeline is built on Houdini and Solaris. These tools are used for both cinematic and game dev projects.

One of his favourite things about this work is creating complex systems from a collection of different effects. Such as his work with the Chimney Pot team on Terry Gillam’s ‘Zero Theorem’! Creating these effects, the team’s pipeline is built on Houdini and Solaris – used for both cinematic and game development projects. For all of this, Taras utilises ‘ShotGrid’ to manage the VFX projects. While it is an older application, Taras swears by its dependability with a team that works on different sides of the globe.