With the new year’s arrival comes new challenges and new opportunities! Magic Room has set some ambitious goals for this year and the person in charge of chasing down leads is our Chief Business Development Officer, Yuri Prylypko.


Yuri’s day-to-day consists of bringing in international projects for the studio, as well as working hand-in-hand with the top studio management. It’s up to him to guide the development of Magic Room’s level of services, communication, procedures, and workflow. These are all key in delivering the best possible result and in building up the studio’s reputation. 

His work doesn’t stop there, though. He’s also concerned with finding new leads for the lead-generation team to pursue, developing with the producers, contributing to quotes and proposals for clients, improving on existing workflows, and finding new areas for the studio to grow and expand. 

For his work, he uses a variety of tools built for purpose. Excel and Movie Magic Budgeting for any budgeting needs and Shotgrid, Ftrack, and Movie Magic Scheduling, for any management and scheduling.  

It’s up to him to ensure a balance between the level of projects and the current potential output of the studio. They have to be sure that each project taken can be achieved and can also help with the studio’s growth. There’s nothing to be gained from a huge project that will burn out the artists and producers with financial and timing pressures. 

Yuri’s more than a veteran in the VFX industry, with fourteen years spent in post-production, ten in VFX, and eight in production. Now, his days are focused on researching, planning, and implementing goals for the studio to exceed across new clients and territories. For him, work is at its most fulfilling watching the foundations he has laid come to fruition. This is the fourth company he’s been a part of, and this one inspires him the most.