The Magic Room team can provide expert on-set supervision to ensure that the expectations of VFX are delivered by contributing to the shooting process. The main goal of this service is to optimize the process of filming. This is to ensure that no time is wasted, for example, building something that will be replaced by CG later. And ensuring that the actual filming is done with the inclusion of VFX in mind.

Our team will work closely with the director of photography (DOP), offering advice on shoots, where to use green screen, the inclusion of proper light levels or points for tracking motion. Supervising is integral with budgeting due to the irreversible nature of many elements. With proper on-set supervision, all the little problems are solved before it’s been put before a camera.

The Magic Room On-Set Supervisors cover several elements including:

  • Correcting light levels for future VFX alterations such as moving natural light in a scene
  • Cleaning unnecessary elements from frame instead of relying on VFX artists to do in post-processing
  • Offering tips and VFX shooting advice to the DOP and director
  • Conferring with the producers as well as the main crew throughout the project
  • Collecting data and photogrammetry on set to later be used in VFX and 3D






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