Our work has taken us from grounded television studios to far-off alien worlds. From science fiction and fantasy to nail biting action and adventure, we have tackled shots of all shapes, sizes, and types. Whether you need FX for a television trailer, a huge explosive shot for your blockbuster film, or intricate and realistic animation for your game, we will be on hand to bring your dreams to life. No matter what you need, no matter the scale required, our teams have faced it all.

Take a look at our small sample of work below and speak to us about how we can support your next project.

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One of our most recent projects was the cinematic trailer for ATB Arena, a fantasy AR card game. This was a great experience for the Magic Room team, as the ATB team found us while searching for the right team for them. They wanted a team who suited their style, who could deliver their vision into reality.

We had an excellent time collaborating with the team at ATB. Every two weeks we would deliver our current iteration and progress to their team to ensure that all was acceptable.

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Imagine walking through a dense and twisting forest. In the Carpathian Mountains, the trees exude an almost magical quality. In this world, it is a place enriched with enchanted creatures and beings. It is the joining of our world and a fantastical one beyond our reality. They come together as a complement to one another.

You might ask how? Our on-set team travelled to the Carpathian Mountains themselves and captured large-scale photoscans of the forests there. With this high-resolution scans, the character of “The Spirit” could be textured and built properly. In this way, grounded in the world properly, it is brought to life.

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The adventure of a lifetime begins for a young boy and his superhero dog when a 12-year old’s graffiti becomes a reality.

More than 400 shots, a full-length movie, and a complete character creation cycle. Foxter & Max has been our biggest project to date and we couldn’t be happier to bring the awesome Foxter to life.

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Stepping away from the traditional smoke sims our team wanted to create a real effect. This was achieved through VFX + Environmental Simulation/Modelling + Camera Projection.

How did we create this visual masterpiece? The Avalanche itself was created as a 3-part simulation – big pieces, small pieces, and then the snow/water simulation. It took the team 2 months to create the quality required to get the pièce de résistance.

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